List of Jain Tirthankara – Jain tirthankar list

Jainism or Jain Cosmology is the oldest known religion of this planet and We Worship 24 Tirthankara whom we call Jina (Spiritual Victor over inner enemies) Tirthankara means the one who is full of good thoughts like truth, love, peace and compassion. Jainism is a concept to attain the salvation by the following path of restraint. Here is the list of 24 Jain Tirthankar with Sign and Nirvan Place.

One of the earliest physical descriptions of a Tirthankar occurs in an Agam (The scriptures which provide further explanation to the Ang-Agams)

The Tirthankar is extremely tall and his body is perfectly proportioned.

The arrangement of his bones is of a rare type, giving him the extraordinary strength he needs to withstand all kinds of attacks, supernatural, natural and man-made, and to practice the extreme austerities necessary to burn off his karma.

Unlike us, his digestion is always perfect and he never suffers from gas or diarrhea, and like a bird he can digest everything, even stones.

He has perfect teeth and broad shoulders.

His chest is marked with the Srivats sign, which means that the highest knowledge manifests from the heart of the

He has a charming line of hair on his belly and his genitals are concealed, like those of a fine stallion.

The soles of his feet are red like a lotus and soft like its leaves.

Every part of the Tirthankara is illuminated with light.

jain Tirthankar list
Jain Tirthankara

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Jain Tirthankar List

Name of TirthankaraSymbolPlace of Nirvan
1. Rishabhadev JiOxMount Ashtapada
2. Ajitanath JiElephantSamet Shikhar
3. Sambhavanatha JiHorseSamet Shikhar
4. Abhinandananatha JiMonkeySamet Shikhar
5. Sumatinatha Ji GooseSamet Shikhar
6. Padmaprabha JiLotusSamet Shikhar
7. Suparshvanath JiSwastikaSamet Shikhar
8. Chandraprabha Ji MoonSamet Shikhar
9. Suvidhinath ji or (Puspadanta Ji)Crocodile (Makara)Samet Shikhar
10. Sheetalnath JiWishing Tree (Srivasta)Samet Shikhar
11. Shreyansanath JiRhinocerosSamet Shikhar
12. Vasupujya JiBuffaloChampa Nagri
13. Vimalnatha JiBoarSamet Shikhar
14. Anantnatha JiBear (Falcon)Samet Shikhar
15. Dharmanath Ji Spike-headed Club (Vajradanda)Samet Shikhar
16. Santinath JiDeerSamet Shikhar
17. Kunthunath JiHe-GoatSamet Shikhar
18. Aranath JiFishSamet Shikhar
19. Mallinath JiWaterpotSamet Shikhar
20. Munisuvrata Ji TortoiseSamet Shikhar
21. Naminatha JiBlue-LotusSamet Shikhar
22. Neminatha JiConchRaivatgiri 
23.Parshwanath JiSerpentSamet Shikhar
24. Mahavira JiLionPavapuri
Jain Tirthankar list

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